Policy reports

2017 | Two sides of the same coin? Independence and accountability of the European Central Bank, Report for Transparency International EU.
Press coverage: Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Politico, Handelsblatt, Neue Zürcher Zeitung
Impact: Cited in the preamble of the European Parliament’s Report on the European Central Bank Annual Report for 2016 (2017/2124(INI))

Journal articles

2018 | Central banking and the infrastructural power of finance: The case of ECB support for repo and securitization markets, Socio-Economic Review, forthcoming. [Open-access pre-print version available here]

2018 | Fiscal fault, financial fix? Capital Markets Union and the quest for macroeconomic stabilization in the euro area (with Marina Hübner), Competition & Change. [Open-access discussion paper available here]
Cited in: Financial Times, January 10, 2018

2018 | Governing through financial markets: towards a critical political economy of Capital Markets Union (with Daniela Gabor & Marina Hübner) Competition & Change, forthcoming.

2018 | Rethinking agency in International Relations: Performativity, performances, and actor-networks (with Sebastian Schindler & Tobias Wille), Journal of International Relations and Development, forthcoming. [Open-access pre-print version available here]

2016 | Speaking to the People? Money, Trust, and Central Bank Legitimacy in the Age of Quantitative EasingReview of International Political Economy, 23(6), 1064-1092. [Open-access discussion paper available here]
Featured in Handelsblatt, April 10, 2017 | Awarded the 2017 ‘Best Journal Article Prize’ by the Society of Friends and Former Associates of the MPIfG

2016 | From Performativity to Political Economy: Index Investing, ETFs, and Asset Manager Capitalism, New Political Economy, 21(3), 257-273.
Cited in: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, August 30, 2015

2015 | Governing the Future: The European Central Bank’s Expectation Management During the Great Moderation, Economy and Society, 44(3), 367-391.

2015 | Preparedness, Crisis Management and Policy Change: The Euro Area at the Critical Juncture of 2008–2013, British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 17(3), 419-441.

2014 | Why Models Matter: The Making and Unmaking of Governability in Macroeconomic Discourse, Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies, 7 (2014), 48-79.

Book chapters

2018 | Central bank planning? Unconventional monetary policy and the price of bending the yield curve. Chapter for Uncertain Futures: Imaginaries, Narratives, and Calculation in the Economy, edited by J. Beckert and R. Bronk (forthcoming).

Discussion papers

2017 | Fiscal fault, financial fix? Capital Markets Union and the quest for macroeconomic   stabilization in the euro area (with Marina Hübner), MPIfG Discussion Paper 21/17.

2016 | Speaking to the People? Money, trust, and central bank legitimacy in the age of quantitative easing, MPIfG Discussion Paper 16/2.

Non peer-reviewed articles

2016 | Gross, Greed, and ETFs: The Case for a Micro-Founded Political Economy of the Investment Chain, Economic Sociology: European Electronic Newsletter, 17(3), 6-13.