Welcome to my personal website. I am a senior researcher at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne. I hold degrees in political science and economics from the University of Munich and a PhD from the University of Warwick and the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

I specialize in political economy, a subfield of political science. My recent work has focused on the nexus between economic governance and market-based finance, resulting in articles on the European Central Bank and on the European Capital Markets Union. Further research on the political economy of finance and central banking has appeared in journals such as Economy and Society, New Political Economy, and Review of International Political Economy. I am also the author of the report Two Sides of the Same Coin: Independence and Accountability of the European Central Bankpublished in 2017 by Transparency International.

My new long-term research project studies the political economy of asset manager capitalism – an institutional configuration in which corporate ownership and control are increasingly concentrated among a small number of investment firms. I also currently collaborate with different co-authors on projects on the German banking system, the Eurodollar market, and central bank communication.

I am the co-organizer of the DFG-funded research network Politics of Money (grant holder: Kai Koddenbrock).

For further information, see my Google Scholar page. You can also follow me on Twitter.